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Mr. Hubbard developed the seven-division organizing board administrative pattern in 1965. Since then, it has been used in all churches of Scientology, their supporting organizations and their related charitable and educational organizations as well. It is an arrangement of administrative functions specifically designed to support the spiritual purposes of a church.

As noted above, this pattern contains seven divisions which describe all the actions encompassed by the organization. Each division is subdivided into three departments. In these seven divisions and their twenty-one subdivisions one finds all the functions, duties, positions, sequences of action and channels of communication within the organization.

The first division is the Hubbard Communications Office – so named because its main functions were originally part of L. Ron Hubbard’s office in the early days of Scientology. This division establishes, which means literally, keeps the church operating. Here, Department 1 provides new staff and ensures they get hatted for their church positions. A hatted staff member is one who is able to competently perform the specific functions of his position.

Division 2 is the Dissemination Division. Dissemination means to spread or scatter broadly. In a Scientology church, this division informs the public about Scientology services and scriptural materials. It produces mailings and publications, such as the church's magazines, which are sent to all parishioners, and operates the church bookstore. When parishioners write in to request information about or arrange for services, staff within this division respond to the requests.

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