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The last division is the Executive Division, Division 7, which is responsible for ensuring through careful planning and supervision that the church as a whole remains viable and able to minister to its congregation. The Executive Director of the church also is Division 7's most senior staff member. Division 7 is also responsible for secular corporate functions, legal affairs and government relations.

Another important executive in each church who serves in Division 7 is the L. Ron Hubbard (LRH) Communicator - a position established when Mr. Hubbard served as Executive Director of the Church and maintained a local representative in each church to facilitate his communications. Today, the LRH Communicator is responsible for ensuring that the church adheres to Scientology scripture. This duty is especially critical for proper functioning of the church because it is only through the orthodox ministry of auditing and training, as precisely provided in the scripture, that the gains and accomplishments of Dianetics and Scientology are possible. The LRH Communicator also preserves the L. Ron Hubbard office maintained in every church as a mark of respect for the Founder of the religion.

By carrying out its specific functions, each division contributes to the overall ministry of the church. Each department within a division likewise has its own distinct duties which must be carried out for the division itself to function correctly.

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