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These volumes contain the codification of the administrative technology used by all Scientology churches and organizations.

Having described the basic organizational form, one can now begin to understand the specific policies upon which that framework functions. These precise and workable administrative policies were developed by Mr. Hubbard through years of research and experience, and constitute a tremendous body of material relating to the survival of a group.

As with everything Mr. Hubbard accomplished, his discoveries came from hard-won experience. As Executive Director of Scientology churches internationally, he was familiar with virtually every position and function, ironing out difficulties and forming the policy for smooth and efficient operation. In fact, he isolated administrative fundamentals for every level of an organization from top to bottom. He wrote policies covering the theory and procedures of every facet of a Scientology organization. These policies define the basic laws of the third dynamic (group survival) and constitute a body of knowledge as important to administration of groups as his writings on Dianetics and Scientology are to rehabilitation of the spirit.

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