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Mr. Hubbard arranged his administrative technology into a twelve-volume set of reference texts. Volume 0, the Basic Staff Hat, contains all policies pertinent to every Church staff member and provides a thorough orientation to organizational structure for new staff members. Seven of the remaining volumes, numbered one through seven, correspond to the same numbered divisions of the organizing board. Volume 1, for example, covers Division 1; Volume 2, Division 2; and so on. Each divisional volume contains all the policies pertaining to the purpose and functions of that division. Organized in this way, any Church staff member can easily find the policies which describe his own functions within the group or the functions of any other staff member. The remaining volumes encompass Mr. Hubbard’s writings on the subject of management and executive know-how.

These books codify the administrative principles and techniques successfully operating Scientology churches, or any organization for that matter. When important functions are missing, the organization necessarily is, to that degree, unsuccessful. And to the extent each function is present and properly operating, the organization will be successful. Church executives train on courses which cover the totality of these volumes and learn to apply them in discharging their day-to-day responsibilities.

Mr. Hubbard discovered and delineated the basics on which any group operated and, as such, these breakthroughs are broadly applicable. Thus, although Mr. Hubbard developed this technology to help administer Dianetics and Scientology, Scientologists who worked outside the Church adapted these principles to other groups as well. Since then his administrative principles have been used by many other organizations around the world with extraordinary success.

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